Mission Statement: We are a local Baptist congregation that is committed to investing in families, building community, and proclaiming Christ.


WHat are your Denominational Ties?

Ross Grove is a Christ-centered diverse community of believers. While we have many members who share difference denominational backgrounds, we are proud of our Baptist heritage and that our church follows the principle of congregational polity and church autonomy; however, when it comes to supporting missions we are dually aligned with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship and the Southern Baptist Convention at the state and national levels. Our church is also an ardent member of the Greater Cleveland County Baptist Association as we work together in supporting local missions.

Is Your church Traditional or Contemporary?

From the outside one may assume that Ross Grove is a traditional church and its exterior lends to this idea; however, our church strives to incorporate many different styles of worship into our blended weekly service. Whatever songs we sing one can be certain that the music and media have been thoughtfully selected to engage all who are present as we worship the Lord in spirit and truth.

Is your church political?

Absolutely not! We understand that in this political climate there is a culture of divisiveness. While political beliefs are important, so is civility and respect. At Ross Grove, you are not labeled by your political alliances or even your earthly citizenship for that matter. When you come to God’s house you are God’s child. This doesn’t mean we shy away from truth or that our church doesn’t have a clear mandate to preach the word… we don’t and we will.

Who Can Come TO Your Church?

Anyone and Everyone! Period.